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Sexfulness® introduces you to a New Sexual Generation. It is a revolutionary approach created and registered by María Saavedra and Adrian Frandes, which integrates : relational meditation, ericksonian hypnosis, neuropsychology, nlp, psychodrama, emdr. and other empirically contrasted approaches.
Be Sexfulness establishes a model of relational health so that people can practice Sexfulness to promote changes in their home, with our 8 weeks program ; experientially through workshops or individually in private consultation, learning to connect with themselves and with the being of others, in intimacy and in a more pleasant, respectful, loving, free and conscious way.
Sexfulness is directed to all people who are interested in personal development and all professionals in the health branch who want to be specialists in Sexfulness.
Sexfulness is a source of love for life that is based on the healing potential of relationships and attachment figures for the human being.
Be Sexfulness® is an agent of change that incorporates sexuality as an area of ​​vital importance in the process of personal development and as a setting for research and intervention that is necessary for all professionals in psychology, medicine and psychotherapies in general. If sexuality is healed and optimal interactions are enhanced, the psychological and physical discomfort of people is significantly reduced.
We consider it necessary to integrate all the normalized, tolerated and excluded groups of society and break with the stereotypes and myths that sexuality carries. It is a vital approach that goes beyond the limits of gender, sex and physical morphology.
Sexfulness® works all life cycles: childhood, adolescence, adults, widowhood, maternity and paternity, separation and divorce … and the diversity with which sexuality is lived and felt: disability, LGTBIQA, gender violence, the process of illness, trauma, emotional impact, psychological distress or chronic pain.

What is Sexfulness?


“Sexfulness” is the English translation of the word Kayasakkhi in the Pali language, which means understanding the ultimate truth through the body (Pali is the language in which the Buddha’s teachings were originally recorded).

The definition of “Sexfulness” has been created for use in psychotherapy and clinical approaches.

Sexfulness is about paying attention to all the unconscious responses that your body, mind and emotion offer you, in a conscious experience of the present, that is directed to improving the quality of your relationships.

To understand sexfulness, we have to experience it directly. In the experiential workshops, we work at the cognitive level by re-connecting the brain structure that is damaged by negative experiences and lived impacts,because of an inadequate diet, habit or toxic relationships .Sexfulness favors your attentional processes, memory, the practice of meditation and hypnosis, decision making, the empowerment of your sexual energy and intuition, and the adjustment of the regulating centers of your emotions. Relational leadership, sexual self-esteem, the level of demands and ideals, family of origin, attachment and sexual style, sensory acuity, body awareness, non-verbal communication and the emotional impacts experienced are also areas of intervention in Sexfulness.
Through Sexfulness, you can improve the quality of your relationships, strengthen your capacity to handle difficult, stressful or painful situations; free yourself from the weight of past relationships of a partner and / or family members; improve your ability to live together, whether or not as a couple, in family or among friends, and to humanize and naturalize intimate and sexual processes. No doubt Sexfulness takes a step beyond mindfulness introducing a new element: the people that surround you in life as a resource to learn, reflect, evolve and live sharing your best version.

“For me this workshop is a brief but intense way to know yourself through your sexual experiences, your behaviors with your partner and your daily actions. I am grateful for what i have learned and hope that more people would come and enjoy this experience.”


“This project helps you to connect with yourself, with others, have a clear understanding of what you are doing right, and what you need to improve. I would recommend it to everyone who has a partner or not. The ¨ connecting with yourself ¨ meditation is a briliant idea. I have learned very good things in this workshop and I know that I can take good advantage from this experience.”


“It’s an incredible experience that allows you to grow and mature both individually and with your partner.It is an intensive workshop that made me feel the next day that something is changing in me. I have to say Adrian and Maria are very professional.”


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Sexfulness Workshops



Adrian Frandes and María Saavedra

Adrian Frandes

Sexfulness comes as a conclusion of many of the cases worked and related to the conflicts generated by the stereotypes of sex, gender and sexual identity.

“Sex should be full and conscious” is a phrase I have repeated throughout my life.

Together with Mary we share a common vision to be able to give real quality and practicality to people from our profession, with a deep human vision of healing.

From that day on, hundreds of hours of research and work have been devoted with great love to this initial project using the latest world-wide tools, techniques and psychotherapeutic strategies we consider most powerful and efficient for the New Sexual Human Being.

“Sexfulness is a more loving and sexually aware human being”

   María Saavedra

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María Saavedra

Through my research in talent and artificial intelligence, I immersed myself in the new cognitive technologies applied to psychotherapy and integrated with neurohypnosis. The result has been impressive and with 90% of cases of success.

My biggest motivation in life is people and make human more human. Being able to share a part of the life process of people is the greatest gift for me.

Adrian and I realized that more and more people suffer from loneliness, fear of commitment, from toxic relationships or fusting idealisms. At the same time, we were very concerned about the pace with which social networks and the stress with which we live today are progressing. If we were to generate an efficient, healthy and conscious clinical model, then traditional and sexual education could be directed towards a more human, integrative, intimate, ethical, freed from prejudices and myths.

” Neither your past nor your biology are your destiny. If you embrace a more loving vision of yourself and learn resources to improve the quality of your intimate relationships and bonds, then you discover that the most direct way to connect with your best version and get excited in the way we call life, is possible with Sexfulness “.