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Be Sexfulness introduces you to a New Sexual Generation. It is a revolutionary approach that integrates meditation and hypnosis, sensory focusing, training in higher cognitive functions with techniques in NLP, psychodrama, family of origin and other approaches empirically contrasted. Our goal is to generate a more respectful, loving, free and conscious view of intimacy.

It is a source of love of life and the most direct way to connect with the being of others.

Be Sexfulness is a new awareness of living sexuality that includes all the integrated, tolerated and excluded groups in society. It is a vital approach that transcends the limits of gender, sex and physical morphology.

The Sexfulness approach works (1) all human life cycles: childhood, adolescence, seniors, widowhood, maternity and parenthood, separation and divorce; and (2) the diversity with which one lives and feels sexuality: disability, LGTBIQA, gender violence, the process of an illness, and so on…

What is Sexfulness?

“Sexfulness” is the English translation of the word Kayasakkhi in the Pali language, which means understanding the ultimate truth through the body (Pali is the language in which the Buddha’s teachings were originally recorded).

The definition of “Sexfulness” has been created and recorded by María Saavedra and Adrian Frandes, for use in psychotherapy and clinical approaches.

Sexfulness is about paying attention to all the unconscious responses that your body, mind and emotion offer you, in a conscious experience of the present, that is directed to improving the quality of your relationships.

To understand sexfulness, we have to experience it directly. In the experiential workshops, we enhance, among other things, the superior executive functions related to sustained attention in time, the relevant selection of information, the interpretation and prediction of our environment and people around us, decision making, relational leadership, the intuitive and deep connecting capabilities we can reach with others, the sexual style, non-verbal and impact communication we use.

Through Sexfulness, you can handle “shortcuts” that enhance your unconscious psycho-affective expressiveness, the threshold of your sensorial modalities, sexual self-esteem, the knowledge of others, as well as cultivating mental qualities and relational values, such as presence status, unconditional love, curiosity to learn, perseverance, your style of communication and resources to naturalize the processes of intimacy and approach to others.

“For me this workshop is a brief but intense way to know yourself through your sexual experiences, your behaviors with your partner and your daily actions. I am grateful for what i have learned and hope that more people would come and enjoy this experience.”


“This project helps you to connect with yourself, with others, have a clear understanding of what you are doing right, and what you need to improve. I would recommend it to everyone who has a partner or not. The ¨ connecting with yourself ¨ meditation is a briliant idea. I have learned very good things in this workshop and I know that I can take good advantage from this experience.”


“It’s an incredible experience that allows you to grow and mature both individually and with your partner.It is an intensive workshop that made me feel the next day that something is changing in me. I have to say Adrian and Maria are very professional.”


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Adrian Frandes and María Saavedra

Adrian Frandes

Sexfulness comes as a conclusion of many of the cases worked and related to the conflicts generated by the stereotypes of sex, gender and sexual identity.

“Sex should be full and conscious” is a phrase I have repeated throughout my life.

Together with Mary we share a common vision to be able to give real quality and practicality to people from our profession, with a deep human vision of healing.

From that day on, hundreds of hours of research and work have been devoted with great love to this initial project using the latest world-wide tools, techniques and psychotherapeutic strategies we consider most powerful and efficient for the New Sexual Human Being.

“Sexfulness is a more loving and sexually aware human being”

   María Saavedra

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María Saavedra

Through my research in talent and artificial intelligence, I immersed myself in the new cognitive technologies applied to psychotherapy and integrated with neurohypnosis. The result has been impressive and with 90% of cases of success.

My biggest motivation in life is people and make human more human. Being able to share a part of the life process of people is the greatest gift for me.

Adrian and I realized that more and more people suffer from loneliness, fear of commitment, from toxic relationships or fusting idealisms. At the same time, we were very concerned about the pace with which social networks and the stress with which we live today are progressing. If we were to generate an efficient, healthy and conscious clinical model, then traditional and sexual education could be directed towards a more human, integrative, intimate, ethical, freed from prejudices and myths.

“Your past is not your destiny. Your present you have not seen it yet. If you welcome a more loving vision by being more precise in the predictions you make of people, then you discover that the most direct way to connect with the being of others is possible with Be Sexfulness “