Taller Couples en Be Sexfulness

Level 3 workshop

“Sexfulness is a genious experience because it makes it easy to connect with yourself and it surprises you because you find out parts of yourself that you didn´t know about before. It gives you the possibility to connect not only with yourself, but also with others, and it is a learning that you can take in your day to day practice. Thanks a lot.”


Obtaining the Level 3 Title in Sexfulness encourages people to work ain the area of “couples”, acquiring tools to enjoy a deeper connection in intimacy while in a relationship or not. It will create situations that interfere with routine and predictability to find new elements of sensuality, enjoyment and pleasure. You will elaborate your internal partner being able to reconnect again with the other from your best version.

The themes that appear in the different life cycles of commitment to another person are addressed: when the so called “flame of passion” is extinguished, when you are caught up with concerns, responsibilities, fixed roles, insecurities and vital moments of doubt, where people do not know where to go.

Once you have completed all three levels, you will be able to become an Instructor in Sexfulness where you will receive training in therapy to mobilize groups, clinical approaches based on Sexfulness and specific therapeutic models, coupled with case supervision and individual therapy.

Taller de Besexfulness


€ 199 per person..

For students, unemployed and under 25 the workshop’s price is € 160.


Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Departure times are approximate. During the workshop there is a coffee break of 20 minutes every two hours. We ask that you do not make commitments to other people who are not doing the workshop at lunch time.


Confirm by phone or email (sexfulness@gmail.com) the availability of places. We will provide you with the booking details once you contact us.


In case of cancellation by the participant, the amount paid is not returnable, but can be given to another person, save as registration for another workshop or for individual therapy.

* After finishing each level, you will receive personalized feedback that supports your personal development and practices, as well as an accrediting diploma.