What is NTNH?

The mind is the brain doing its work. The objective of María Saavedra and Adrian Frandes as professionals is to achieve, through powerful techniques, that the brain is more efficient and productive in its work.

Puharich already in 62, justified before many theorists how what we see is not what really happens, and how unpleasant or painful experiences activate several brain areas that create a neuronal footprint of pain, as discovered by Tor Wager, a neuroscientist of the University of Colorado.

“Through the heat, Wager found that many patients worked it out as pain. That is why our neuro technology generates heat in the activated areas of the cortex, getting instant activation of areas related to negative experiences of the person. What NTNH causes is that through neurohypnosis and a perceptive-motor conscious activity, we incorporate layers and layers of positive experiences into those areas, supplying the negative experiences that make people suffer or do not feel well, through experiences positively worked with delicacy, in a therapeutic space that sows the messages that each person truly needs to transform their lives effortlessly and naturally “(M. Saavedra and Adrian Frandes, 2016).

Without wishing to enter into complex details of neuroscience and psychotherapy, we can say that with the NTNH Therapy created by Maria Saavedra and Adrian Frandes, Neuro Technology in the hand of Neuro Hypnosis, we are faced with an advance in the field of psychology without precedents, and we want to make it known to all people, at affordable rates since what mobilizes these two professionals, is to be able to transform an increasingly sick society in a free and unconditioned society of prejudices and negative experiences.

For this, they also created in 2015 Sexfulness, a form of work that repositions the most intimate areas of people, towards a sincere and loving openness to life.

“Every time we live more negative impacts, with the news, the conversations of people, the gray faces that pass each day around us. The quality of life has declined and people are tired.

Everything is accelerated, the noise and pollution for those who live in the city, remove some peace, and insensitivity is taking over people. It is a clear symptom that something is not going well, and its consequences could be very heavy, “says Maria Saavedra. “When a person supresses their capacity to feel, in the face of past unpleasant events, or as a way of surviving being strong as society demands, what people do not know is that their tissues and physiology cease to be receptive of those substances that they also feel pleasure. Sexfulness seeks to break this nullification of feeling and activate again the whole perceptual system of people, through a pleasant experience and powerful therapeutically. We want to throw away the walls that people have put on, to return to the natural, to the intimacy of becoming known as one is, and living freely, without family, couple or cultural constraints.

Being happy is possible, in a simple, accessible and without suffering.

Just below the thalamus, in the soft lower part of the brain, there is another nucleus protagonist of sex, the hypothalamus. It plays a fundamental role in the life of our senses and daily actions that our body processes.

When in phase 2 of NTNH therapy, we change the person’s inner perception, this information passes to the hypothalamus.
What is surprising about the hypothalamus is its small size, barely a teaspoon of coffee, and yet it is a giant that plays a decisive role in sexual activity, orgasm in eating and drinking, in our cardiovascular functioning, etc.

In 1950, James Old and Peter Milner discovered that there are regions of the brain whose stimulation is very rewarding; With the NTNH we ensure that areas related to happiness are activated from minute one. Among these areas is the Vagus Nerve, which, in the NTNH is activated with relaxing music to finish the work done in the session; a moment where the content is integrated in a personal and intimate relaxing space.

We could say that NTNH reprogram you by generating new paths of solution, positive experiences and novel approaches, healthy and rewarding for your brain and body, so that everything that the patient works in each session, his mind will want to repeat what he experienced in hypnosis or the insights taken; that is, these therapeutic routines generated in therapy, will appear in the patient’s daily life, accelerating the healing process and integrating new positive resources.

At last we can say that we are before an advance in the field of psychology without precedent, and we want to make it known to all people, with flexible rates since what mobilizes Adrián Frandes and Maria Saavedra, is to be able to transform a society increasingly insane, in a free and unconditioned society of prejudices and negative experiences.
Being happy is possible, simply, inexpensively and without suffering.