Taller nivel 1: Practitioner

Level 1 workshop

Would you like to be a specialist in Sexfulness?

This first level frames a unique, healing and transformational experience of connection with oneself, aimed at creating your own SexMap and sexual style, using the resources that Sexfulness gives you.

It will become a full experience in which your concept of happiness and intimacy will be respected above all, generating the maximum spontaneity and inner freedom in all participants.

The Level 1 is divided in two modules, 8 hours each. The entire workshop`s structure is composed by work routines in 3 phases:

Phase 1 “Experiential

Phase 2 “Integration

Phase 3 “Collective insight“.

Some of the topics we address:

  • Improvement of the Executives Functions (Prefrontal and Orbitofrontal Cortex): attentional, coding and selection of information, memory, decision making, increase of neuroplasticity and emotional regulation.
  • Potentiation of the Perceptual Systems and Sensory Modalities that play a decisive role when it comes to relating with yourself and with others
  • Create your Sex Map.
  • Conflicts and Relational Patterns.
  • Attachment and Couple Styles.
  • Development of social cognition and unconscious empathy that has so much to do with the decisions we make and the personal preferences we have.
  • The unconscious relational and sexual communication. 
  • Integrate a secure attachment system.
  • Heal the negative emotional pattern that appears in coexistence (defense mechanisms).
  • Relational Leadership and Non-Verbal Communication to optimize interaction with others.
  • Detachment of  the people that keep appearing in your mind and that are no longer part of your life.
  • Heal painful family, couple and social relationships.
  • Intensify energy and sexual intuition.
  • Work the fear of commitment, intimacy, loneliness 
  • Management of primary emotions (anger, sadness, disgust and fear) and secondary emotions.
  • Become aware of the relational unconscious communication that appears in the body-mind-emotion.
  • Sexual self-esteem (beliefs that prevent your openness to others).You will increase emotional security.
  • Personal strengths and vital objective.
  • Practice the Sex Room Keys and the 12 Sexfulness routines.
  • Practice meditation and learn self-hypnosis.
  • Know the 4 human temperaments and the 9 personality typologies to get to know others better.
  • Know your attachment style and possible sexual styles.
  • Enhance the freedom to be oneself and live without constraints or limiting wounds

“Sexfulness for me has meant finding my essence and my sexual essence not only as something pragmatic, but as something unique in each of us. It helps you to know your sexuality, the origin of why you behave with others the way you do. I sincerely recommend doing the workshop and that we all be Sexfulness.”



Module 1: 90€ per person (Saturday)

Module 2: 90€ per person (Sunday)

For students, unemployed and under 25 the workshop’s price is € 160 for both modules.


Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Departure times are approximate. During the workshop there is a coffee break of 20 minutes every two hours. We ask that you do not make commitments to other people who are not doing the workshop at lunch time.


Confirm by phone or email (sexfulness@gmail.com) the availability of places. We will provide you with the booking details once you contact us.


In case of cancellation by the participant, the amount paid is not returnable, but can be given to another person, save as registration for another workshop or for individual therapy.

* After finishing each level, you will receive personalized feedback that supports your personal development and practices, as well as an accrediting diploma.