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with which Be Sexfulness works:


Disorders of Eating Behaviour , Addictive Behaviors, Oncology, Fibromyalgia, Trauma, EPT, OCD, Stress Reduction.

People who have experienced an important life change, abuse, separation, loss of a loved one, breakup of a relationship, change of social role, loss of a job, children, disease process, abuse, gender violence, adoptions, traumas , emotional impacts, chronic pain ..
Childhood and Adolescence

Discover our Workshops

Nivel 1 en Sexfulness

The Level 1 “Practitioner” in Sexfulness@ is a workshop with which you will achieve a transformational experience of connection with yourself, whose degree and practice will allow you to access the rest of the Sexfulness levels.

The workshops have an  innovative format and an unbeatable price, since our purpose is to reach the maximum number of people providing personal and relational health, awareness and daily fulfillment.


With Level 2 “Advanced” in Sexfulness@ you will incorporate new unconscious attentional, relational and sexual resources, and perform exercises to enhance sexual energy through a new format of group therapy.

Based on Sexfulness relational model, we will perform exercises that will bring to the consciousness of the participants, unimaginable details and resources to face loneliness, fear of commitment (internal and facing others), as well as deepening in tantra and relational meditation.


In Level 3 “Couples” we work the sexual energy generated by the couple and their attachment style, the subconscious and subtle patterns of interaction that appear in coexistence.They learn tantric techniques III created by Sexfulness@. It is a level aimed at working the internal and external commitment, the common objectives that appear when you feel attracted to someone, the 3 personal spaces Sexfulness, respectful communication, relational leadership, limits, sexual creativity, shared conscious economy and enjoyment of pleasure for pleasure.

Video: Practitioner Sexfulness Workshop