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with which Be Sexfulness works:


Clinical Approaches to Eating Disorders, Addictive Behaviors, Oncology…

People who have experienced a major life change, separations, loss of a loved one, rupture of a relationship, social change of role, a process of illness…

Maternity and Paternity


Older adults


Discover our Workshops

Nivel 1 en Sexfulness

Practitioner Level in Sexfulness is a preparatory base workshop to get a transformational experience of connection with oneself, whose qualification and practice will allow you to access the other levels.


Advanced Level in Sexfulness is focused on incorporating new unconscious attentional, relational, and sexual resources with readiness-to-change exercises and true connection through a new format of group therapy.


Couples is a workshop dedicated to working with couples, with unconscious and subtle communication patterns of interaction and tantric techniques created by Sexfulness. After completing this third level, you can be a Sexfulness instructor with case supervision.

Video: Practitioner Sexfulness workshop