A New Generation of Therapies

Individual Therapy / Couples

Terapia individual en sexfulness

We work all areas and sexual dysfunctions, as well as blockages, vital crises, traumas, psychological discomforts in both children and adults.

Our approach integrates multiple schools: Psychodrama, NLP, Hypnosis, Couple and Family Therapy, Gestalt, Sexual Therapy, Rogerian, Hellinger …

    • Sessions of one and half hours /two.
    • First consultation Free 30 minutes (online and in person).


Therapy Based on
Neuro Technology and Hypnosis

Terapia individual en sexfulness

We work and research with Sound Neurotechnology and Advanced Cognitive Technology integrated with Hypnosis.

We have created a research space with the latest technologies, where we provide free sessions to obtain feedback from participants and continue to progress in our work.

The main goal is to synchronize certain areas of the brain to enhance the maximum performance of people by decreasing learning time and training.


  • Sessions of one hour and half
  • Target audience: Athletes, Dancers, Artists, Musicians and Creative People.

“Sexfulness has meant finding for me, finding my essence and my sexual essence not only as something pragmatic, but as something unique in each of us. I recommend it to everyone, enjoy it and feel it. It helps you to know your sexuality, the origin of why you behave like that. I sincerely believe it’s worth doing and that we all be Sexfulness.”


“It is an experience that helps you to know yourself and others. It teaches you how to improve the relationship with both people and your partner or your future partner.
They give you the tools to encourage the best you have inside you.”


“Sexfulness is a very nice experience, genious, because it makes it easy to connect with yourself and it surprises you enough because you think you know who you are and you realize that you do not know much about you in the end. It gives you the possibility to connect not only with you, but also with others, and it is a learning that you can take in your day to day practice. Thanks so much.”